Intersection of U.S. 30 and PA Route 711 200 South Market Street Ligonier, Pennsylvania 15658
Student Workshops

Workshop offerings for 2012:

Fort Ligonier workshops offer more in-depth programming than a typical tour allows.  Choose a topic for an in-depth study with museum experts.  Our workshops strive to integrate the history of Fort Ligonier with all subject areas.  Each workshop includes a guided tour of the fort and museum areas, discussion, hands-on activities, and a list of resources for teachers to take back to the classroom.

Time:  4 hours (including lunch and museum store visit) Availability:  Monday-Friday 9:30-2:30

Cost:  $325.00 per class Group size:  18-30 students

Call to ask about pricing for over 30 students.

For every 10 students, one adult ticket is free.  Additional adult cost is $7.00 per person.

Camp Follower Kids

Imagine what it was like to be a young camp follower in 1758.  Geared toward younger students, this program will feature what life was like for children here at Fort Ligonier in 1758.  The program will begin with a read aloud and discussion that compares the life of a child today to one in 1758.  Museum educators will show children clothing of the time period and students will wear costumes for a guided tour.  After the tour the group will discuss leisure time activities and children will play games and explore toys that children of the fort would have played.  Each child will make a ball and cup game to take home.

Grades:  Preschool-4

Behind the Screens at Fort Ligonier

This special program for students in third and fourth grade is an in-depth and behind the screen look at the fort buildings.  The workshop begins with a basic overview of the history of Fort Ligonier during Forbes’ Campaign in late 1758 and early 1759.  Students are given a guided tour by museum staff, but this isn’t your regular guided tour.  Participants are taken into key buildings of the Forbes Campaign and allowed behind the screened gate for a close-up view of artifacts, furniture in order to experience the fort displays like no other tour allows.

Grades: 3 and 4

Council of War: A decision-making workshop

Students will learn the background of John Forbes’ decision to advance on Fort Duquesne in November of 1758, rather than waiting until spring as earlier planned.  Individuals will participate in a mock Council of War and role-play the event.

Students, museum staff, and instructors will discuss strategies for making decisions in all facets of life, and how those decisions determine our own personal history, as well as the history of our world.

Grades:  5-12

Archeology at Fort Ligonier

The workshop will begin with a slide show and explanation of the archeology of Fort Ligonier.    Students will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of archeology through an in-depth look at the work of archeologists.  Students will participate in a mock dig and will be involved in hands-on activities that mimic the work of archeologists.

Grades: 5-12