The World Ablaze: An Introduction To The Seven Years’ War
“Sparks from America soon set Europe ablaze….”

  • François-Marie Arouet Voltaire
  • On the opening of the Seven Years’ War
  • Précis du siècle de Louis XV, 1763

An Introduction to the Seven Years’ War

Today at the Fort Ligonier Museum visitors can see the latest exhibition about the most significant and decisive conflict of the 18th century, which Winston Churchill called the first world war. This long-term installation, The World Ablaze: An Introduction to the Seven Years’ War, represents a significant addition to the permanent collections of Fort Ligonier, especially in British, French and Native American items.

Over 200 original objects from the 18th century were acquired from across the world- the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Spain, India, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and the Philippines- reflecting the global and diverse aspects of the Seven Years’ War. The collection includes everything from a 1760 “Redcoat” uniform to elephant trunk armor from India.

The exhibition is divided into several theaters of war: North America, Maritime, Central Europe, Western Europe, India, Western Africa and Spain. It concludes with the various Peace Treaties of 1762-1763, and the final section reviews the legacies of the Seven Years’ War in North America and around the world.

Image Credit: Battle of Minden, 1759. Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection, Brown University Library


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