Art Gallery

Visitors will find thirteen original paintings by such artists as Sir Joshua Reynolds, Allan Ramsay, David Morier, Edward Penny, Robert Edge Pine, Carl Van Loo, George Knapton and Rembrandt Peale in the French and Indian War Art Gallery at Fort Ligonier. General James Abercromby, Queen Charlotte in Coronation Robes, King George II, William Pitt, John St. Clair, Sir John Ligonier and other well-known eighteenth century leaders are featured in the paintings.

Rembrandt Peale’s George Washington, depicts the young Virginia officer as he might have appeared at Fort Ligonier during the French and Indian War.

General James Abercromby by Allan Ramsay
Amherst in Canada by Robert Edge Pine
Queen Charlotte in Coronation Robes by the Studio of Allan Ramsay
William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland by David Morier
King George II by Robert Edge Pine
King George III in Coronation Robes by the Studio of Allan Ramsay
Sir John Ligonier by Sir Joshua Reynolds
John Campbell, Fourth Earl of Loudoun by Allan Ramsay
Louis XV by Carl Van Loo
William Pitt the Elder by George Knapton
John St. Clair by Allan Ramsay
George Washington by Rembrandt Peale
The Death of General Wolfe by Edward Penny
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Sections of the Fort Historic Site are undergoing restoration work and unavailable to the public as we rebuild the East Bastion.
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